Accreditation procedure

The «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency for Accreditation of Educational Organizations and Programs accredits educational organizations and programs regardless of their forms of ownership and departmental affiliation in order to confirm the quality of educational services provided in accordance with the law.

The subject of the Agency’s activity on accreditation of educational organizations and programs «Sapattuu bilim» is:

Accreditation — the procedure of assessing the level of quality of an educational organization as a whole or its individual educational programs, which recognizes the compliance of an educational organization or an educational program with certain criteria and standards.

Institutional accreditation — the procedure of recognizing the compliance of the level of quality of educational organizations as a whole with certain criteria, procedures and its status.

Program accreditation is the procedure of evaluating the compliance of individual programs of an educational organization with certain criteria and standards.

The educational organization shall submit an application for program accreditation to the Director of the Agency for Accreditation of Educational Organizations and Programs «Sapattuu Bilim» (hereinafter Agency «Sapattuu Bilim»). The application shall be accompanied by a copy of the state license and appendices to the license to conduct educational activities and a brief description of the activities of the educational organization.

The «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency and the educational organization decide on the initiation of the program accreditation procedure. The agreement between the Agency «Sapattuu bilim» and the educational organization on program accreditation and assignment of the candidate status for accreditation is concluded.

The management of the educational organization and «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency organize training to explain the standards and criteria of accreditation of educational organizations and programs to internal experts of the educational organization at special seminars on the theory, methodology and technology of program accreditation.

The educational organization conducts a self-assessment according to the requirements established by Sapattuu Bilim Agency and sends the self-assessment report to Sapattuu Bilim Agency.

The Director of «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency forms an expert commission to conduct the audit of the educational organization. The expert commission consists of 3-5 experts who are specialists in the evaluation of the educational organization, including employers and representatives of students and a foreign expert.

Based on the self-assessment report of the educational organization, «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency develops recommendations on the need to improve the self-assessment materials, or decides to conduct an external expert assessment, or in connection with the non-compliance with the standards and criteria on the impossibility of accreditation and decides on the termination of the contract.

In case of continuation of accreditation the Chairman of the Expert Commission and «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency agree with the educational organization on the timing of accreditation and the plan of work of the Commission.

The duration of the commission’;s visit is 2-3 days. At the end of the visit, the external expert commission prepares a detailed report on the evaluation of the educational organization, which serves as the basis for the Accreditation Council’s decision on accreditation.

If the decision is positive, «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency sends a certificate of program accreditation, signed by the Director of «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency to the educational organization with the indication of the validity period. Then the decision on accreditation of the educational organization is sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic for inclusion in the National Register and posted on the website of the «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency.

If there are certain deficiencies, accreditation is issued for a period of one year. Upon expiry of the term, the expert commission of the «Sapattuu Bilim» Agency conducts an inspection to eliminate individual deficiencies with a visit to the educational organization.

If the decision is positive, the period of accreditation is extended to five years. If the individual deficiencies were not eliminated within the established period, the validity of the accreditation is suspended and the applicant organization has no right to apply for accreditation to the Agency «Sapattuu bilim» for one year from the date of the decision to withdraw the accreditation of the educational organization.

Matrix of evaluation and decision-making criteria for meeting the standards of Sapattu Bilim AAUP when accrediting an educational organization and programs:

  1. Regulations on accreditation of educational organizations and programs of primary, secondary and higher education:
  2. Guidelines for institutional accreditation of educational organizations implementing primary, secondary and higher vocational education programs in the Kyrgyz Republic:
  3. Guidelines for post-accreditation monitoring of educational organizations and programs: